Muckle Flugga on stage

Band Members


Claire learned the violin from an early age, and played at orchestral level throughout her school years.
She teaches violin and repairs instruments; and learned the Celtic fiddle technique from her father.
Claire joined the group in 2011, and very quickly established herself as a significant member of the group.
She plays the fiddle as her first instrument, her second is the bodhran.
Claire's most recent endeavour is learning to play the whistles.

Claire's instruments:

Fiddle - Guarneri style
            made by John Sherar (1830 - 40)
Bodhran - 16 inch tuneable made by Eoin Leonard
                Belgarth Bodhrans,  Orkney Islands
Whistles - Dixon and Ormiston


Bob's first instrument was the piano, but it wasn't very portable!
He learned the guitar in his teenage years too.
Now he plays 6 and 12 string guitars - the 12-string is one that he bought while at university in the mid-seventies; and his current 6-string is an instrument that he made himself.
In 2007, Bob began to learn the tenor banjo, and enjoyed playing it more than he enjoyed carrying it around.
The progression to playing mandola and cittern was natural and enjoyable in all respects.

Bob's instruments:

6 String Guitar - self made - based on Martin Dreadnought style
12 String Guitar - Eko
Tenor Banjo - Gold Tone (short scale)
Mandola - Celtic Star
Cittern - Thomas Buchanan

O'Really is the band mascot.
He doesn't play instruments - only tricks!
If anything goes wrong during a set, he's the one to blame.

"The Leprechaun made me do it!"